We formulate vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free loose mineral eyeshadows, foundations, blushes and scents as well as nail polish, lip glosses and lipsticks based on our geeky inspirations.

We follow strict preparation and sanitation rules and conform with all FDA regulations. We don't repackage, and we are careful to label any potential allergens very clearly, while leaving out the skin irritants and cheap fillers used by larger brands to inflate their profits.

Geek Chic has and always will continue to evolve based on our customer's feedback and suggestions. Contact us anytime about anything using the Hailing form below, or by emailing pwnage@geekchiccosmetics.com. Follow us on Facebook for a heads up on sales, sneak peeks of new things coming soon, and participate in our awesome community of indie-loving enthusiasts!

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