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“Present day. Present time.”
The Wired.
Constant connection. Constant chatter. Constant souls.
One would assume this environment could only sustain the living.
Assumptions are borne of ignorance of the unknown.
This would all change for Lain. A classmate sobbing nearby. Distressed.
She had received email. Email from a dead girl. Email from Chisa Yomoda.
But Chisa Yomoda committed suicide… how would you impersonate a dead girl and sending multiple emails containing information privy only to Chisa?
Lain had questions for her questions. Once she arrived home later that evening, Lain sought answers on her seldom booted Navi, but even she wasn’t prepared for what she would read from yet another email from Chisa.
Chisa chose to abandon her flesh, and in doing so, she had found God in The Wired. But why? And how? Lain needed those answers, and even later that night, snug in her teddy pajamas, she proceeded to ask her father for a more powerful system than her Navi.
She had to know. She had to connect. But even Lain’s tenacity couldn’t be prepared for the journey down the rabbit hole of discovery she was about to begin… Duvet is a medium toned teddy bear brown shadow with an otherworldly mauvey-purple duochrome sheen and lots of blue shimmer and sparkle. It is lip safe and can be used mixed with some clear gloss or patted over your favorite brown lipstick for a very unique spin on a nude lip! It also makes for a gorgeous and unique twist when used in a neutral eye look. Duvet is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer.

Swatch photo above taken with cool white studio flash, video below taken under indirect warm LED lighting.

Disregard the 2016 on the video :/

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