Eyeshadow Sets

It's fair to say we get inspired often around here. Here's a quick tour! "Limited" are items that are limited in quantity or time and are not permanent. Then all the "permanent" sets are listed (it's in quotes because we don't have unlimited space and from time to time cut back sets and items based on popularity). At the bottom are the Single Player colors: these are ones we saved from sets that were cut because they were too popular to retire. We have all the shadows sorted by color at the bottom and of course The Collective which is all the shadows we make in a bundle at about 20% off for the completionist for whom anything less than "all the things" will not do.

Finally, over in the body section we have our new Power Up Primer which works "great-to-amazingly" with everything on this page so here's an easy link to that. Enjoy and thanks for being into us!
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