Here are some reviews from our Facebook reviews page, feel free to go there and follow our page and add your own! We always love seeing happy customers, but if you have any issues or questions please don't hesitate to email us at so we can make it right!

Aissa Pineda said "5 star - I am so glad that I found this company. Everything that I have tried so far has been completely amazing. The products are vegan and cruelty free and that is just an added bonus to their spectacular products. Now.....I need to win the lotto so that I can buy their entire inventory!!! Pipe dreams................"

Alexandra Goldthorpe said "5 star"

Alexandria Miller said "5 star"

Alexia Holder said "5 star"

Alicia Pfeifer said "5 star"

Amanda Munson said "5 star - The products are all gorgeous and well made. I want one of practically everything! Definitely my favorite makeup and perfume now!"

Amaya McBatman said "5 star"

Amber Love Rosenbaum said "5 star - Some of my all time favorite colors ever! Almost the only colors I wear anymore. :) I love the pigment and the shimmer!"

Amy Cahn said "5 star"

Amy Dotta said "5 star"

Amy Holderfield said "5 star"

Amythyst Aurora Ambre Olney said "5 star - Was really excited the first time I ordered. The second time everything was really speedy. I ordered The Collective for my Birthday and got it on time though I was expecting it to take longer with such a large order. Can't wait to use everything."

Andie Megan said "5 star"

Andrea Sherrill said "5 star"

Anna Hirschburg said "5 star"

Annette Spierings said "5 star"

Annie Geturguns Hagen said "5 star - Love every set I have from here!!!"

Ashley Crowe said "5 star"

Ashley Manson said "5 star"

Augusta Hardy said "5 star"

Brianna Simpson said "5 star - I've placed orders myself in the past on a few occasions and received makeup from GCC from a few thoughtful people in my life with zero ordering problems. I have to say I love the creativity that goes into each and every product, and so far my absolute favorite has to be their sailor moon collection, which I sincerely hope they never retire."

Caitlin Searcy said "5 star"

Carla Kennard Sexton said "4 star"

Cassandra Little said "5 star"

Christine Jones said "5 star"

Colleen Marie said "5 star"

Courtney Elizabeth said "5 star"

Crystal Kane said "5 star"

Dana Rivera said "5 star - Just received my first package from Geek Chic and I am blown away. The quality of the products is fantastic and any company that can feed my fandom love is one I will keep coming back to."

Danielle Lindsay said "5 star"

Daria Stock said "5 star"

David Petersen said "5 star"

Dawn Van Sise said "5 star - Super fun line and the colors are amazing! I can't wait to see what's out next."

Desiree Hollis said "5 star - I received my order today and everything I received was excellent. There was a delay in shipping because of a sale but I was informed of this via email and despite that, the shipping was the fastest I've ever received anything I've ordered online. Thank you for wonderful products, A+ customer service and fast shipping. I've never been disappointed with Geek Chic."

Dryden Stradivarius said "5 star - Best quality around for prices I can actually afford. Absolutely can't be beat!"

Duke Strange said "5 star"

Eipsellig Yesnik said "5 star"

Eleanor Wheaton said "5 star - Amazing colors in all areas that are VERY pigmented! :) Love it!"

Elizabeth Jones said "5 star"

Elizabeth Muzzarini said "5 star - Looooove the products!!!"

Emilie Heffner said "5 star - I adore this make up and as a make up artist,I rant and rave about the quality to all my clients and friends. I always buy products that aren't tested on animals and the fact that most of this is vegan is the cherry on the cake. Thank you so much Geek Chic for making such an awesome product!"

Emily Patrisha Webb said "4 star"

Emily Warfield said "5 star"

Emma Nelson said "5 star"

Erika Helgeson said "5 star - I love this company. The cosmetics are wonderful and I love the humor behind the names. One of my favorite things is telling people the eye shadow color I'm wearing is called high functioning sociopath! You have a permanent customer in me. Keep up the amazing work!"

Gabrielle Jezebel Grace Murray said "5 star"

Gemma Clough said "5 star - My order from Black Friday arrived today, and I just love everything! All the gloss and lipstick colours are vibrant, and the solid scents I picked up just smell amazing, and exactly like the descriptions! Thanks so much Geek Chic, I'll totes be ordering more in future!"

Grace Shearrer said "5 star"

Gwynn Starrydance Farrington said "5 star"

Hannah McGee said "5 star"

Heather Blancett said "5 star"

Heather Lynn Kowalczyk said "5 star"

Heather Munday McGinley said "5 star - Adore all of their products. The only make-up I can wear as my skin is crazy sensitive. Thank you Geek Chic for making jars of pure awesome."

Ilana Greenberg said "5 star"

Isabella Boccardo-Valenti said "5 star"

Jackiey Adolf Thompson said "5 star - The best makeup I have ever used! So soft and airy like I am wearing nothing at all but still full of color and vibrant."

Jacquelyn Faye Dickie said "5 star - I struggled to find a make up brand that did not make my face and eyes itch, when I spotted Sexy in Suspenders on Think Geek and thought I would give it a try. That was two years ago and I have since developed a large make up collection as the prices are amazing, the colours are outstanding, the primer is outstanding, and the quality is exceptional. I love that the colours all have geeky themes and are cruelty free. I also love that the make up is made frequently so it hasn't been sitting on a shelf for months before you get it. I honestly don't think that I would ever switch from using Geek Chic Cosmetics."

Jacy Spiritis said "5 star"

Jade Jerlang said "5 star"

Jazmin Sandoval said "5 star"

Jenna Waiss said "5 star - Such pretty makeup. Vegan and cruelty feee too! They have so many lines of geeky eyeshadows, blushes, and lippies! There's something for everyone's fandoms. Totally will be ordering more."

Jessica Ball said "5 star"

Jessica Lynne Mills said "5 star"

JoAnna Dodson said "5 star"

Josie Bonilla said "5 star"

Julia Ramsland said "5 star"

Justine Willauer said "4 star"

Kacie Heart said "5 star"

Kaitlin Beard said "5 star"

Karalyn Grimes said "5 star"

Karen Kwan said "4 star"

Kati Busboom said "5 star"

Katie Bailey said "5 star - This cosmetic line is amazing! I am anxiously awaiting what I'm fairly sure will be my first purchase of many!"

Kayla Renee Harting said "4 star"

Kelsi Best said "5 star - I'm a new customer so I just ordered some eyeshadow samples to start off. I got them today and swatched them. I have to say I was completely blown away by the beauty of the colors and the pigmentation. More orders coming and this time some full sizes :)"

Kerry Jasmine Gullickson said "5 star"

Kira Jade Chrysalis said "5 star - The most important thing about this line of cosmetics is that they don't use cheap, toxic fillers like pretty much every brand you'll ever find in a drug store or department store. You get the maximum value for your money. Also unlike most mainstream brands, it's cruelty-free and often gluten-free. You really can't do any better than this brand!"

Kristi Nail said "5 star"

Kristy Berry said "5 star"

Kyoti Jess said "5 star - Once Bitten is the best red lipstick I've ever had! I love all the geeky themes!"

Linnea Springer said "5 star"

Lisa Read said "5 star"

Lorali Mickelson said "5 star"

Madeline Mangner said "5 star"

Madison Brubaker said "5 star"

Maria Fowler said "5 star - Great product. This makeup is long lasting, hypoallergenic, and all around good."

Marissa Baker said "5 star - I don't think I'll ever buy eyeshadow from a different company again. Every color I've ordered looks amazing, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all."

Martiya Johnson said "5 star - I wish I was their Brand Ambassador! That's how much I love this company!"

Meg Chase said "5 star"

Meghan Akers said "5 star - By far the best makeup I've found. Super gentle on my ridiculously sensitive skin, at an amazing price. And the color options..... don't even get me started. I don't think I've worn the same combo twice. I'm happy to announce I've made fans out of non-geeks as well. They don't understand the names, but they love the product."

MeiLee Ballard said "5 star - Their eyeshadows are unbelievable! The colours and the way they shift within just one shadow is amazing. Their primer is perfect for it as well. I'm also madly in love with their solid scents; I never order perfume online but I make an exception for Geek Chic and they haven't disappointed me yet :) Yes, the lippies rock, but I'd go for a clear liner with them, esp with Hipster Ariel. Bottom line, you won't regret a purchase from this company :)"

Melissa Cheney-Turgeon said "5 star"

Melissa G. Yates said "5 star"

Melissa Reyes said "5 star"

Merenda Morris said "4 star"

Michelle Colley Olivo said "5 star"

Michelle Garay said "5 star"

Michelle Jacqueline Huggins said "5 star - I absolutely adore Geek Chic; their cosmetics are amazing and non-irritating to the skin. The color selection always has me wishing I had enough cash to buy everything. I always find a handwritten note on my order forms. They are tremendous and awesome. As long as they are selling, I will be buying. :)"

Michelle Sanders said "5 star"

Michelle 'Shellie' Mckinney said "5 star - I love the eyeshadows and blushes from here! Great company!"

Mikaela Jay Sherlock said "5 star - I absolutely love your makeup! Nothing compares :) I remember when you first started and it's been fantastic to watch you grow! Even all the way from Australia (; x"

Mikela Cantwell said "5 star - Awesome pigmentation in The Game is On collection! Currently rocking I Was a Soldier and loving how the green and gold compliment each other!"

Monica Orozco said "5 star - I ordered hipster ariel (which is my fave colored lipstick) color pay off is awesome. I also bought some of the eye shadow samples and it was totally worth it :)"

Morgan Hayden said "5 star - The only makeup that I have found that doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes at all, not even a little. Add on to that all the awesome super pigmented colors, and the great customer service and you have a trifecta of perfect!"

Morven MacAskill said "4 star"

Naomi Cady said "5 star"

Rachel Wilko said "5 star"

Rebecca McMillian said "5 star"

Rebecca Russell said "5 star"

Rebekah Leah Moss said "5 star"

Renee Garafola-Clements said "5 star - This is quickly becoming my favorite eyeshadow, it stays on all day, is beautiful and doesn't irritate my eyes. I love it."

Robin L. Vial said "5 star"

Robin Porter said "5 star"

Samantha Evans said "5 star - I love their stuff, I'm very pale but I don't have yellow undertones. There guys make pale but with a pink undertone. It is amazing. Not to mention all the awesome names! Thank you so much for your time and effort guys!"

Samantha VanEngelenhoven said "5 star"

Samia Shouman said "5 star"

Sarah Jane Harmon said "5 star"

Sarah Sonnemann Winkelspecht said "5 star - Who doesn't love pretty colors? Do you know what I love more than pretty colors? Great customer service. Good thing for me this awesome company has both!!!"

Sarah Welsh said "5 star"

Seiya Higgason said "5 star"

Shar Misha Wilson said "5 star"

Shara Burton said "5 star - Angel of Thursday is by far the BEST neutral I've ever worn. I love this more than Urban Decay or any of the Higher End brands. Luck Dragon is perfection in glitter and the scent tubes are amazing. Love times a bajillion."

Sharnold Illbeback Drummond said "5 star - Pure genius. I can't even handle this makeup right now"

Sherritha Lucas said "5 star"

Solveig Cimetière said "5 star"

Stacia Maples Eldredge said "5 star"

Tabitha Braglin said "5 star"

Tabitha Teo said "4 star"

Tanisha Crowel said "5 star"

Toni Lucas said "4 star"

Victoria Anne Downing said "5 star"

Virginia Johnson said "5 star - My favorite place to get perfumes! I think I want to own them all now. The eyeshadows are amazing, but the perfumes are what really surprised me. It's such a great price!"

Whiskey Rose Knight said "5 star - This is my absolute favorite eyeshadow company. They have the best ideas and themes and colors, and they are ridiculously well priced for what is some of the highest quality loose shadows you can buy. Seriously, my Ben Nye isn't as pigmented!"

Ynnep Torres said "5 star"

Yue Chan said "5 star"

Yvette Larkin said "5 star - The colors are amazing!!!! Fun to have and fun to give!!!"

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