El Goddamn Dorado




Poor Nathan. He doesn't get into his adventures planning to lead the bad guys right to the hidden ancient city and/or lost priceless historical artifact. Nor does he plan to destroy said city or lose said artifact for all time just moments after discovering them. We're sure there was more glory and less controlled falling in the plan too. He's the total poster child for keeping your chin up. He has to, with all that climbing. Wow. Many climb. Much crumble. So adventure. Such destroy. El Goddamn Dorado is a luscious, dirty gold with a shimmering metallic finish. It also has a fiery red sheen with glints of red microshimmer, and a punchy dose of vibrant golden sparkle. It makes for a gorgeous single wash shadow, and plays well in a dirty smokey eye. El Goddamn Dorado is lip safe and is gorgeous mixed with a clear gloss. It is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer.

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