I'm Naaaaked!!!




The most advanced robot top secret science could toss together at the last second with whatever was lying around. No wonder its deepest processes are overwhelmed by a predilection for tacos, squirrels, riding the pig, and bubblegum chocolate flavoring.

It's not stupid... it's BASIC.

20 GOTO 10 IÍm Naaaaked is a VIBRANT lime green shadow with an electric green glow and jam packed with purple and silver sparkles. This shadow pops like crazy on itÍs own but looks even more vibrant over a white base. A sticky primer like our Power Up Primer is highly recommended with this shadow due to itÍs awesome level of sparkle. A gentle tap of your brush is also recommended before application to help reduce fallout of sparkle. I'm Naaaaked!!! is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer.

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