You'd better watch out. You'd better not cry. Wait, even pouting is off the table? Let me get this straight. This guy conducts a few billion B&E's in a single night, every year, and no one bats an eye. What's the point of even having a naughty list? More importantly, we need to keep these kids in line and nothing works like mortal fear. Especially the nightmare fuel "goat-demon-dragging-you-to-hell-for-not-sharing-your-toys-with-your-sister" kind. They really knew how to frighten kids back in the day. Krampus is a pitch black based shadow with a very strong glacial turquoise duochrome. It is brimming with brilliant silver-white shimmer that sparkles like icy snow, vibrant red to purple color shifting shimmer, and a pop of chilly blue to purple color shifting sparkle too. Krampus is the perfect shadow for an icy smoky eye, or for using wet as a liner. Krampus is also lip safe so it can be used to make the perfect icy black lip look. Shown swatched over our Power Up Primer

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