Perfectly Normal Human Worm Baby




There's something weird about that kid. Obviously he's a fan of Earth and lawn gnomes like everyone, but doesn't it seem like he's hiding something in that backpack he's always carrying? Or maybe some apocalyptic plan burning behind those rather plasticy-looking eyes? Nah, just a green kid with a dangerous amount of confidence. Perfectly Normal Human Worm Baby is a bright purple shadow with a gorgeous pink to silver color shifting glow and some nice, hefty pinches of pink, green, and blue-violet shimmer. This shadow pops like crazy on itÍs own but looks even more vibrant over a white base. A sticky primer like our Power Up Primer is highly recommended with this shadow due to itÍs awesome level of sparkle. A gentle tap of your brush is also recommended before application to help reduce fallout of sparkle. Perfectly Normal Human Worm Baby is lip safe and would look gorgeous mixed with some clear gloss! Perfectly Normal Human Worm Baby is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer.

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