Candied Violets




Bringing a touch of luxury and class to your tea party one can add beautiful, crystalline candied violets to their spread. This beautiful and aromatic flower is edible and adds a delicate sweetness to various desserts, teas, and fruit salads. The genus of Violet most commonly used in sweet application and for being candied is the Viola odorata. To make your own candied violets you can coat them in egg white and crystalized sugar or you can immerse the flower in a hot simple syrup that is stirred until the sugar recrystallizes and the flower is left to dry. You can also find commercially made candied violets from Toulouse, France, where they are known as violettes de Toulouse. We think they look delightfully fancy placed onto of fluffy cupcakes! Candied Violets is a deep, dusty toned royal purple based shadow with a plum sheen and a hefty pinch of orchid-pink, and purple-blue color shifting shimmer. Candied Violets is lip safe and would look vampy and gorgeous mixed with a clear gloss or patted over your favorite dark plum lipstick! Candied Violets is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer.

Swatch photo above taken with cool white studio flash, video below taken under indirect warm LED lighting.

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