Japanese Matcha tea is a magical, earthy, and beautiful tea. It is made only from the best tea leaves. Camellia sinensis (green tea) is grown in the shade for three weeks before harvest, and have had the stems and veins removed before grinding. Its unique chemical makeup is said to imbue the drinker with a kind of calm energy. This special tea is used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and is used for meditative and spiritual purposes. Matcha is also used to flavor a wide variety of delicious confections such as mochi, green tea ice cream, and traditional Japanese wagashi. It is also seen in savory applications such as soba noodles! Preparing the perfect cup (or traditionally a bowl) of matcha one would use a Japanese tea bowl and a bamboo whisk. Sift 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder using a fine mesh sieve into your tea bowl. Then add 2oz of hot (just under boiling) water to the bowl. Using your bamboo whisk, whisk the tea quite vigorously using a zig-zag pattern until your tea is nice and frothy. Then enjoy your delicious Matcha tea straight from your tea bowl. We strongly recommend that if you have an interest in the Japanese Tea Ceremony to check your local area for a tea house or market that teaches or holds the ceremony. If you are from the greater Portland, OR area be sure to check out the tea house at the Portland Japanese Garden, itÍs beautiful! Matcha is a viviacious and lively medium toned green with a very strong golden sheen and oodles and oodles of soft gold and light green sparkles. Matcha is not lip safe, but makes for a gorgeous springtime single wash eye look. Matcha would pair beautifully with Iron Crunch from our Shadow Galactica collection! Matcha is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer.

Swatch photo above taken with cool white studio flash, video below taken under indirect warm LED lighting.

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