Tasty Burger (September COTM)




Expires October 31!

Divine intervention, it had to be. A damn miracle threw Jules spiraling into a transitional period which made him question his role as the tyranny of evil men. No doubt he now walks the world, having left the life behind, but he'll always be a bad moth******** to us.
Tasty Burger is a metallic, medium-toned, burger brown with juicy red undertones and sheen as well as tiny pops of silver sparkle as well as crisp green shimmer and punchy red holographic glimmer. Tasty Burger is a great brown for deepening the crease, cut crease, and even used mixed with mixing medium for a tasty twist on brown eyeliner. Since Tasty Burger contains metal alloy, please use caution if you have any metal sensitivities. Tasty Burger is also not lip safe and should not be used mixed with water. Please use a mixing medium to foil this shadow. It is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer, and photographed with diffused, cool-toned flash lighting.
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