Totality (August COTM)




Expires September 18!

Like clockwork, our solar system spins and tumbles through the galaxy... but through science we can accurately predict all kinds of events for hundreds and thousands of years. It does take some of the fear and lore out of the experience, but a total eclipse is still a rare and amazing sight to behold. We hope you were able to get glasses in time! Totality is a translucent white based shadow with an incredibly intense golden sheen that explodes in the sunlight. It has different shades of golden sheen and even shades of peach, orange, copper, rose, and rose-golden sheen in certain light. It also has tiny pinpricks of pastel red, fiery copper, and rich golden shimmer as well. This versitile shadown can be used on the inner corner or the eye to illuminate your eye, it can be used on the brow bone for a gorgeous hilight on the brow bone, it can be used all over the lid for a gorgeous and subtle singe wash. Totality is also lip safe and can be used patted over lquid matte lipstick for an intese golden sheen, or mixed with a clear gloss for a gorgeous golden lipstick topper. Additionally it can also be used as a cheek highlight. Totality is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer.

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