Fire At Will




Harnessing the strength born of bitter Siberian winters, Zarya smashes stereotypes in the face all while while protecting her allies. Well, her human allies. Something about having your childhood home destroyed by omnics makes you weary of the machines. Just don't ever think about armwrestling her. You will absolutely lose. Fire At Will is a deep toned, navy based shadow with a silvery blue sheen. It also packs a wide arsenal of different shades of pink sparkles including violet-pink, rose, soft crimson, metallic pink and even holographic pink! Fire At Will is not lip safe, but looks super gorgeous in a smoky eye with its blue tones and pink sparkles. Fire At Will is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer.

Fire At Will as listed is in a 5gr jar with sifter and screw-on lid.

Chibi character artwork by Kevin Raganit.
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