Mercury Aqua Mist




'The tears roll down my cheek'

Before meeting Usagi, Ami was known as The Genius Girl obtaing perfect scores and ranked number one. However, with the accolades and admiration came loneliness and unfulfilled aspirations. Becoming a senshi was more than being a guardian; Ami has found her inspiration, her family...her home. Mercury Aqua Mist is as itÍs name implies, a misty pale blue shadow with a subtle periwinkle sheen. It has a good dose of blue to purple color shifting shimmer, aqua shimmer, and bright blue sparkles! It is a very versatile blue that would work for highlighting the inner V of the eye, or as an all over lid wash. Mercury Aqua Mist is not lip safe. Mercury Aqua Mist is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer!

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