Queen of Darkness




'Who need men's protection'

Possessed by Queen Matallia for her malicious and jealous heart, Beryl plans on ruling the world with Endymion by force and possessing his generals. Her jealousy of Serenity and Endymion began after spying on their Earth rendezvous centuries ago. While tragic, in the end, it was best Minako took the Holy Sword to her. Queen of Darkness is a soft marsala red based shadow with a subtle green shift and a good sized pinch of bright green sparkles. A unique twist on 2015's color of the year, this shadow would be great as the crease color in a sunset themed eye look for summer. Queen of Darkness is also lip safe and would make for a great twist on a wine colored lippie if mixed with a clear gloss! Queen of Darkness contains metal alloy, so be sure to spot test it if you have any sort of metal sensitivity! Queen of Darkness is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer!

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