Rainbow Moon Heart Ache




'No matter how dark it is
I know I'm not alone
Moonlight shines upon us'

Clumsy and a self-proclaimed crybaby, Usagi isn't exactly princess material at first glance. Natural magnetism, kindness, and a gentle and true heart combine as the emotional soul of the team caring deeply for her friends, the little girl who fell from the sky, and her Mamo-chan. Wielding the Legendary Silver Crystal, she protects all from the dark forces threatening them. Rainbow Moon Heart Ache is a feminine, ethereal soft gold shadow with a shiny golden sheen. It's jam packed with soft blue and soft red sparkle that dances in the sunlight. This shadow is incredibly versatile, suitable as a highlight color, transition or blending color, and even as a shimmery cheek highlight. Rainbow Moon Heart Ache is also lip safe and would be beautiful patted onto lipstick or mixed into some clear lip gloss! Rainbow Moon Heart Ache is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer!

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