Silence Glaive Surprise




'We are not helpless girls'

An awakening initially feared by the Outer Senshi, ultimately Hotaru uses her destructive powers and glaive to defeat powerful enemies. Reborn as an infant and raised by Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka, she rapidly grows into her new and powerful true form. It's hard to imagine such a small, good-natured girl possesses the ability to destroy entire star systems. Silence Glaive Surprise is a soft, dove grey toned purple satin shadow with a soft violet sheen. It has just the right amount of color shifting blue to purple shimmer, soft lilac shimmer, and purple sparkles throughout. It is a wonderful color to use in a grey or purple smoky eye look! Silence Glaive Surprise is lip safe and would make a beautiful pastel purple lippie when mixed with a little clear gloss! Silence Glaive Surprise is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer!

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