Submarine Reflection




'We will fight on our own'

Pure elegance and grace, sophistication, raw talent and an air of mystery encompasses you in the presence of Michiru. With precognitive abilities matching ReiÍs, the presence of danger is sensed before it's manifested. Deeply introspective, her relationship with Haruka is passionate and harmonious while fulfilling a matronly role with Hotaru when they become a makeshift family for a time. Submarine Reflection is a gorgeous ocean blue teal satin shadow with a subtle golden green sheen. It sparkles with pops of rich blue to purple color shifting sparkle, sea glass green shimmer, and rich sapphire sparkle. It is a perfect shadow for a deep teal look, used over the main area of the eye lid. Or even used wet as an eyeliner for a wicked teal winged cat eye! Submarine Reflection is not lip safe. Submarine Reflection is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer!

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