Twinkle Yell




'Shiny Make-up
We are gonna shine bright
Under the starry sky'

Chibiusa traveled back in time from the 30th century (in the most surpising way possible) to save the Crystal Tokyo she left behind. Close friends with Setsuna and Hotaru, Small Lady is universally adored despite competing with Usagi for MamoruÍs attention. Clumsy at first, she became an extremely competent Senshi over time. Twinkle Yell is the perfect candy floss pink with a slight orange undertone with a punch of golden sparkle. Perfect for spring and summer looks! Can be used on the cheeks as well for a perfect "just pinched" pink flush with sunny shimmer. Twinkle Yell is also lip safe and would be a super pretty pink lippie if mixed with a little clear lip gloss! Twinkle Yell is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer! *Formerly known as Pretty Guardian*

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