Go Into The Light




Diane would do anything to protect her children. Anything. She would go into the light. She would go into another dimension, if it meant bringing her daughter back to her. The rope tied around her, only tether to the real world, but whatever you do Steven, don't let go. Go Into The Light is a pale, buttery soft blue based shadow with a strong blue pearlescent sheen and tiny pinpricks of rainbow colors of shimmer as well as blue-lavender-purple color shifting shimmer. Go Into The Light makes for a gorgeous all-over lid single wash as well as a pretty color to accentuate the inner corner of the eye. Unfortunately, it is not lip safe. It is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer, and photographed with diffused, cool-toned flash lighting. Go Into The Light as listed is in a 5gr jar with sifter and screw-on lid.

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