This House Is Clean




They're everywhere, they're all around us, the departed souls, pure and not. Trapped in the nether between this world and that by something demonic. Heavy and foreboding, you can cut the atmosphere with a knife. Passage through the light, be gone, out with you all, this house will be clean. This House Is Clean is an ethereal periwinkle purple based shadow with a gorgeous indigo shimmery sheen with pretty little pops of blue sparkle and purple-blue color shifting shimmer. This House Is Clean makes for a gorgeous all-over lid single wash as well as a pretty color to accentuate the inner corner of the eye. Unfortunately, it is not lip safe. It is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer, and photographed with diffused, cool-toned flash lighting. This House Is Clean as listed is in a 5gr jar with sifter and screw-on lid.

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