You Only Moved The Headstones




The ground is erupting, dirt flying, it's in your hair, it's in your mouth. Coffins springing from the ground, lids falling open, skeletons tumbling out. They're on you, you're screaming, they're screaming in silence. Running, slipping, sliding, you're sliding, into a mud pool of death. You Only Moved The Headstones is a rich, metallic navy based shadow with blue glimmer, blue-purple color shifting shimmer, and iridescent blue-indigo-turquoise sparkles. It makes for a gorgeous eyeliner and lovely crease shade. Since it contains metal alloy, please use caution if you have any metal sensitivities. It is also not lip safe and should not be used mixed with water. Please use a mixing medium to foil this shadow. It is shown swatched over our Power Up Primer, and photographed with diffused, cool-toned flash lighting. You Only Moved The Headstones as listed is in a 5gr jar with sifter and screw-on lid.

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