About Geek Chic

Hi I am Chantel.
When I'm not formulating cosmetics I'm voraciously watching all sorts of TV.
I really enjoy learning about science and logic.
I collect interesting cookbooks, gaudy/sparkly jewelry, and lipstick.
Lots and lots of lipstick.

Into now:
Horror Movies, Mindhunter, Stranger Things, Channel Zero, Most Evil, Cold Case Files, A Haunting, Missing 411, Defunctland, Emily Post, Cayliegh Elise, Eat Your Sushi, Documentaries, Unicorns, Sailor Moon, Bee & Puppycat, and South Park.

I'm Phil and Chantel is my lovely wife.
I coded this site so if something's wrong it's my fault.
I also run the scents line, pack and ship, answer emails, and run the hidden backend that keeps things running.

Into now:
WoW, Overwatch, Stranger Things, Mindhunter, Star Trek Discovery, The Orville, and making music.

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