Legal Stuff

About our inspirations

Our products borrow conceptually from the intellectual properties they are inspired by. It's our way of paying homage to the forms of entertainment we enjoy. Not only do we avoid using the names of characters or concepts that are trademarked or copyrighted themselves, we think it's more fun that way. None of our product names use trademarked or copyrighted terms to the best of our research, and all of our images and packaging utilize unique artistic interpretations/adaptations of the concepts they are inspired by.

We believe all of our names and images are used fairly, and serve as a salute to the IPs we respect and admire. We do not believe our adaptations interfere in any way with the originality or profitability of their sources of inspiration. Finally, we do not believe the use of the names and images on our site "will cause a likelihood of confusion between products among the relevant consuming public" (the litmus for brand dilution). In other words, we trust our community to know the difference between an eyeshadow and a 40-hour harrowing RPG video game or a multi-million dollar tabletop gaming franchise.

Now, all that having been said... if you are a legal representative of a company we have drawn inspiration from with our makeup and take issue, we will always be 100% compliant and timely with the removal of any offending material as you deem appropriate: simply email us at Or if you are really into it, let us know that too!

About size and volume

One of the most confusing things about using mineral makeup is understanding the jar sizes and the amount of product that fits in them.

The jar size simply refers to the jar's volume. For example, a 5 gram jar doesn't contain 5 grams of minerals. All weights are approximate since net weight will vary by product mixture and components. Samples hold a "Dash" (1/16th-1/8th tsp., good for 5 or more uses for most people), 5 gram jars hold 1-2 grams, and 20 grams hold around 5 grams (which are marked on the labels on the product pages and on the product itself). While this concept can be pretty confusing (even for us!), part of being competitive is matching the standards set by more established companies and this dynamic is one of those mindnumbing standards.

Thanks for reading!
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