Dreamy Genie




A genie named Jeannie (ahh, the 60's...), was funny, smart, and for many (us included) pushed the envelope for feminism at an important time. As a genie, her job was to serve whomever released her. But, the first thing that happened: she was set free from her genie gig, free to make her own choices. That certainly complicated thousands of years of genie job experience. So she chose to keep doing genie stuff and expressed her independence by routinely doing what she wanted. The writers were probably just trying to make a funny 60's comedy, but for many they also demonstrated that women could enjoy being themselves during a decade many were trying to cram us back into the lamp. Dreamy Genie is a punchy 60's style pink based lip balm with a pop of bright golden shimmer and sparkly sheen. Dreamy Genie is flavored with a lip-smacking delicious strawberry ice cream waffle cone sundae topped with ooey-gooey marshmallow fluff! Due to the pink pigment used in Dreamy Genie there may be slight staining of the skin when removed, but it is a pretty perfect pink flush!

Swatch photo above taken with cool white studio flash, video below taken under indirect warm LED lighting.

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