Kaleidoscope Eyes




She's too precious for this world, with her rose colored glasses. This world is cold, but inside her dreams she stays warm. Choosing to see the sparkle and the good when the universe is all too quick to point out the bad. Protect her at all costs. Kaleidoscope Eyes is a glimmering, barely-there pink powder body spray with golden-pink glitter, copper shimmer, and a good size pinch of pink-purple color shifting sparkles.

Glimmermists are multi-purpose, all-over body shimmer powder sprays. They are made from a wide variety of natural, biodegradable shimmer pigments as well as cosmetic grade glitters for a completely body safe shimmer experience. For best wear on skin, apply shimmer spray to freshly bathed skin with a thin layer of lotion or moisture still present so that the shimmer has something to stick to when applied. For best wear on hair, apply shimmer after a light layer of gentle hold (at the least) hairspray has been applied to give the shimmer something to stick to. Do not apply Glimmermists to any open cuts, rashes, or abrasions. If irritation occurs stop use immediately and consult your doctor. Keep out of reach of curious, small children to avoid any messes that will be hard to clean up! Enjoy!

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