An important message from Geek Chic

You might notice a lot of our products are missing. It's hard to write this, because there are a lot of feelings and I'm not "there" yet. But I'll start explaining what's going on with us with a short story. A few months ago, we were grocery shopping and found these grapes.

My husband and I glanced at each other in silent acknowledgment and continued shopping. What went unsaid in that moment to each other: "fandom X products" have taken over the world. It's the most amazing time be be a geek with money. Nine years ago we had a super fun idea to make quality, affordable, vegan, skin-friendly cosmetics with geeky themes. Soon after, we discovered a baby industry of similar businesses finding their legs. Now it's a monumental (and still growing) behemoth with ever larger media companies and celebrities partnering with cosmetics brands.

It was a fun idea in 2010 when we got started, and as an obsessed indie cosmetics customer myself... it's still fun today. However, selling cosmetics with connections to copyrighted material while not infringing is tricky. We did a lot of research and aimed to stay on the right side of the law while making in-references as a wink and nod people could look at and "get". But as more and more things we love go into official partnerships with major cosmetics manufacturers, that's been hard. Discontinuing product lines we worked hard on and loved because they got into the business is bittersweet. So excited to buy them but sad to see ours go.

Unexpected thing number two happened years back. I got better at formulating. I did so much research before we opened, practiced a lot (mica everywhere!!), and even still the products we launched 9 years ago are embarrassing compared to our recent ones. I started feeling pressure that everything we make had to be geek themed. Even though hundreds of new items came and went for the next few years, so many releases got held up and fun ideas got shelved because I didn't want to release something and try to force it into a geeky "inspiration" later. It started at times to feel like a chain of my own making, but real nonetheless.

Finally unexpected thing three in the top three surprises has been progressing for years. My role as owner of GCC is being creative for new products and perfecting formulation of all our lines. I suffer from a long list of genetic and permanent physical and psychological problems I won't bore you with, and they have been worsening for a long time. If you aren't familiar with spoon theory, check it out on Wikipedia. Basically I have X units of energy to spend a day like everyone else but far fewer than average. I have spent more and more of my spoons/units on keeping myself functional as a human which leaves less and less for literally everything in my life including my baby, the thing that gives me life, this business.

So TL;DR the answer to "what's happening" is complicated. I'm working on what's next. I need to find a way to have an outlet for my creativity that I truly love, that I can afford the spoons/units to succeed at without hurting the other important things in my life. I wanted to take the time to explain all of this because (and this is cliche so I'm sorry) you are the reason we have had GCC for the last decade. We had no idea this was going to be anything at all when we started, much less such a wild and fun ride.

Phase 1 is officially over (with, can I call it the snap?) The decision to pull so many products was not made lightly nor am I happy about it in the slightest, but it needed to happen for the above and more reasons. I'm working on what Phase 2 looks like, and if you're interested in hearing about it once we figure it out (hopefully soon!), click ETC in the menu and sign up to get notified by email. Stay tuned and we'll keep you informed.

Supporting us and all indie small businesses makes a difference. Sincerely, thank you.

Chantel, Phil, Katie

P.S. - So many great memories over the years. Here are some reminders I keep handy when I need a pep in my step.

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