Once Bitten




If you are anything like us, you dream of being seduced by a vampire. Do you lust after the tall and muscular Viking with the icy blue eyes and bottomless libido? Or are you enamored more by the toned, dark and brooding Southern Gentleman with the thick drawl and hopelessly romantic personality? Or perhaps you fancy the Viking's sassy progeny with impeccable taste in fashion or the Southern Gentleman's progeny with the fiery red-hair and insatiable curiosity? Whoever you crush on, you know that Once Bitten, you'll be bonded for life. Once Bitten is our version of the sexy red that everyone should have. It's an opaque, pearlescent, true red. It glides on velvety and smooth, and lasts forever. Lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor. Once Bitten is a staple red that every skin tone can rock!

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