Are you recently deceased, and dead tired of vile strangers moving into your home? Barging their way in, acting like they own the place. Moving things around, putting a table where you never would have put a table. And really Susan, a collection of porcelain dolls need their own room? I think not.

I'll tell you exactly what you're in need of, a bio-exorcist! Hire me, and I'll come into your (yes, YOUR) home and I'll scare the living daylights out of them, I'll have them screaming their head off and begging for their mommy's. They'll be fleeing your house lickity split. So, call today! Coming to an afterlife near you! Bio-Exorcist is a devious, medium toned purple with a subtle green sheen and sneaky peeks of holographic shimmer and green glimmer liquid to matte lipstick. Fully opaque in one layer. Once dry, gently rub your fingertip over your lips to reveal itís hidden sheen and sparkle! Deliciously flavored with a sweet and buttery mint flavor to remind you of the cold, desolate wastes of Saturn. Contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to help protect your lips moisture from the lippie's mattifying effects.

For best results exfoliate lips before use for an even, smooth application. Mostly kiss-proof and transfer proof. Eating with utensils and drinking with straws will prolong wear. Remove with cleansing oil or makeup remover. Resistant to water. Avoid oily foods and oil based lip products when wearing as they may break down the lippie and cause smudging and shortened wear time.

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