Our market research here at Nuka-Cola has proven luminescent products stand apart on the shelf next to our less creative competitors. Our market research has also shown that most of our beloved customers don't know what luminescent means!

That's why our Quantum product became the number one (and only) lumines-, er...glowy(!) refreshment of choice in The Wasteland! You cannot mistake these bottled containers of nuclear-infused awesome amongst the everyday rubble and garbage lining the remnants of society. Plus, it makes a mean pastry!

And remember, bottlecaps are the chosen currency of the wastes, but don't feel discouraged if you have thrown them out like the pennies of yesteryear. There is always another lonely, scared, malnourished, insane wanderer right behind you to pick them up!

Nuka Cola Quantum! I'd buy that for a pre-war dollar! Quantum is a semi-metallic deep sky blue with tiny pops of aqua shimmer liquid to matte lipstick. Fully opaque in one layer. Delightfully flavored with a sugary sweet buttercream flavoring. Contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to help protect your lips moisture from the lippie's mattifying effects.

For best results exfoliate lips before use for an even, smooth application. Mostly kiss-proof and transfer proof. Eating with utensils and drinking with straws will prolong wear. Remove with cleansing oil or makeup remover. Resistant to water. Avoid oily foods and oil based lip products when wearing as they may break down the lippie and cause smudging and shortened wear time.

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