Surrender To My Will




The more fun you have playing Moira the more your team complains you don't heal enough, but that's only until they realize you're carrying them. Outheal the other healers, outdps the other dps... a skilled Moira more often means victory than not. Géill do mo thoil! Don't try to fight it, surrender to this lucious, juicy, grape purple gloss. Engineered to perfection with a sinister hot pink floating sheen, enhanced with royal purple and electric pink microshimmer. This truly perfect creation has medium, buildable coverage perfect for enhancing your lipstick, or for wearing by itself.

Surrender To My Will is made in our exclusive Star Jellies comfort gloss formula. Designed to have a plush, almost bouncy feel that isn't too sticky or too slick. It also has wildcrafted rosehip oil and pomegranate seed oil to pamper your pout with moisture. This powerful weapon is optimized with an irresistable punch of sticky sweet grape popsicle flavor! It is in one word, impeccable.

Surrender To My Will is shown swatched on the lips and built up to full coverage by it's self. Photography done with a cool-toned LED ringlight and DSLR camera.

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