Ghost Warrior




"Here I am, about to defend these mages in hopeless battle. You lead me to strange places, Hawke."

Fenris has a certain distaste for magisters and masters, probably due to the fact that he is the former slave of Danarius - a magister from Tevinter. After escaping his clutches, Fenris fled to Kirkwall before running into Hawke. However, Danarius isn't going to let go of his investment that easily. Cursed with scars of lyrium, Fenis was granted the ability to phase through solid objects. Or as Fenris prefers, through people's hearts. Or as Isabella prefers to call it, that 'magical fisting thing'. Don't get seduced by his baritones however... once you go Fenris, you never go back.

"Ghost Warrior" cosplay by Aicosu. (Link opens in a new window) Cool and wet greens mixed with oakmoss and vetiver, freshly turned earth on the dry down, with a spectre of sandalwood, musks and a touch of dangerous leather. A sensual and baleful unisex scent that leans male.

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