Original Sin




You had one job to do, Eve! Ok, not really. Being the first woman ever and living in utopia came with plenty of responsibility, chief among them being birthing the entire human race. Then there was this thing with an evil snake and forbidden fruit and then it's all farming, painful childbirth, and a persistent battle with evil for all of eternity. But c'mon, to be fair why was that tree even there in the first place and why are humans so curious? Original Sin is a sweet and feminine mix of ripe and juicy red apples nestled in fragrant sweet pea blossoms and fresh pruned english ivy. Original Sin is both a green and sweet scent, mixing nicely together to make neither the green notes or the sweet notes too overpowering.

Top notes: Red Delicious Apples
Middle notes: Bouquet of Sweet Pea
Base notes: Fresh-Pruned English Ivy

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