Pithos of Curiosity




Sure, curiosity killed the proverbial cat... but long before that was coined, curiosity unleashed evil and destruction on humanity. Pandora, the first human woman in Greek mythology, just wanted to know what the jar (pithos, in Greek) contained. It was hardly fair... Zeus gave it to her under strict orders never to open it. What did he think was going to happen? Why give it to her at all? Oh, of course. Sigh, Zeus. Pithos of Curiosity is a rich and mysterious blend of smoky, yet sweet aged vanilla beans and ooey-gooey toasted marshmallow, swimming in a pool of decadent and herbal absinthe.

Top notes: Rich, Herby Absinthe
Middle notes: Smokey Vanilla Bean
Base notes: Roasty-Toasty Marshmallow

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