Benevolent Destroyer




Kali seems to be one complicated goddess. We're not going to make fools out of ourselves trying to understand and describe the whole backstory because it's almost guaranteed we'd get many things wrong. Here's an example. According to some legends, Kali is one of 10 or more incarnations of Parvati, who is an aspect of the "Great Goddess" Mahadevi. She appears in a time of need to destroy evil and protect creation but doesn't always stop her rampage on her own. In a handful of the stories where Kali shows up, she is only pacified by her husband, Shiva, who sacrifices himself to calm her. And that's just the tip of iceberg. Loving and maternal, fierce and bloodthirsty, but these days more often just misunderstood, Kali's stories are some of the most dire. Benevolent Destroyer is a clean and exotic mix of temple offerings; garlands of fresh orange blossoms, bowls of crushed melon and fruit, on a bed of fresh cut rose blossoms and sweet dried cannabis, all fit for a goddess.

Top notes: Fresh Orange Blossoms
Middle notes: Crushed Melon
Base notes: Cannabis, Rose and Amber

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