Prepare to be Boarded




"Just once I'd like to walk into one of these places and discover a lively dance, or a drinking festival. Or an orgy. But alas, no."

Zevran was assassin from the Crows of Antiva sent to kill the warden. Well... he failed. Always the opportunist, the rogue took the opportunity to join up with the Warden instead. Better than dying. Right? We didn't have a problem with him joining our party as the only thing bigger than his libido is his penchant for killing. Dark, earthy woods mixed with spicy cinnamon, cloves, fresh rosemary, and clad in tight leather. Tempered with fresh, juicy fig and Tahitian Vanilla with a touch of tonka bean. A robust, spicy, and manly scent. A good scent to wear while fist-fighting a grizzly bear.

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