Quid Pro Quo




Hannibal wasn't born a monster. He was made one over a fateful winter and an even more fateful "family" meal. He's the eloquently genius monster that we all seem to want to cheer for. When he isn't crawling inside your head and dissecting your thoughts, he's doing it it to your body. His "tit for tat" bargaining lead to the rescue of well-moisturized woman, and the flawlessly executed escape of the Cannibal. We would call it a win-win for him, though I am sure he would call it a "tuant coup". Once you've met you will never forget him, but more importantly, you should never forget what he is; a monster. Quid Pro Quo just smells like high society. Like an Italian bakery in a library. It's basically a gourmet of class.

Top notes: Dry, heady merlot mixed with sweet milk
Middle notes: Fresh baked baguette and crisp, fresh parchment/papyrus
Base notes: Warm vanilla and cool stone

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