Fashion Club




To lead the Lawndale High School populace in all matters of attire, personal adornment, and garmentual self-enhancement. To support fellow students in achieving their appearance goals with logic, gentle persuasion, and vicious, relentless ridicule. You'll always be on trend with Fashion Club! This ethereal and glowy mauve gloss has a beautiful, juicy electric grape glow. This couture beauty also has indigo/purple/blue microshimmer that dances in the light without stealing the show. This gloss is a sheer gloss that goes great over lipstick, or layered on the lips to give it a juicy, jelly-like glow.

Fashion Club is made in our exclusive Star Jellies comfort gloss formula. Designed to have a plush, almost bouncy feel that isn't too sticky or too slick. It also has wildcrafted rosehip oil and pomegranate seed oil to pamper your pout with moisture. To finish off this glowing gem we've given it a gourmet almond poppyseed pizzelle topped with an ambrosia of limoncello and fresh whipped cream flavor to tantalize your tastebuds.

Fashion Club is shown swatch on the lips with 2 even layers of gloss. Photography done with a cool-toned LED ringlight and DSLR camera.

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