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Contact us anytime at pwnage@geekchiccosmetics.com

Stuff that's not about orders

Most of what we do is make stuff and ship it to you. So let's get everything else out of the way first. If you don't read anything else here, read #1 under "After you order". The best way to get a hold of us will always be by email. We watch it all so if you email us, we will see it and respond promptly. If there's a problem with your order, we will do what is needed to fix it. While we are on Facebook and Twitter, and read blogs and their comments all the time, the best place to go is our email.

Not to belabor the point, but seriously email us (pwnage@geekchiccosmetics.com). We've had a handful of one-off issues we always quickly fixed for our customers because they emailed us. I guess what we're really saying is, give us a chance to help. When you run a business out of your home and your marketing is almost all word of mouth, reputation is everything. We're committed to maintaining our reputation by being first and foremost rockin' and prompt with our customer service.

We don't give away product for reviews, or pay for reviews. If you want to review our stuff, feel free! We always like seeing reviews because it helps us evolve.

Stuff about orders

Before you order

1. Email us if you have any questions.

2. We do our best to get accurate product shots but aren't professional photographers, we just have 9 years of practice. Our goal is to capture our colors as accurately as possible under the best light to show off the color. Gamma and vibrance settings on your monitor can slightly shift intended colors. Samples are always the best way to really tell what a color really looks like. Things like glitter and colorshifts are really hard to capture in still frames, so samples are a good option if you're on the fence.

3. Our samples come in clamshells, and contain around 1/8th of a teaspoon which is enough for a few uses.

4. We have a $10 order minimum and free shipping is automatic on orders to the US over $50 and international over $100.

When you order

1. Our checkout is 256-bit SSL encrypted and we are a PCI compliant vendor. That means we comply with the standards set by the major credit card companies for the protection of consumers when we handle your private data.

2. We don't give your information to anyone. We don't like it done to us, so we don't do it to you. You may super rarely get an email from us, which complies with anti-spam best practices and comes with a clear, easy, permanent opt-out.

3. Be sure to give us the right address to ship to. Email us if you placed an order with the wrong address so we can fix it.

4. We ship internationally, and our shipping rates for all orders are based on the total weight of the order. This ends up being much cheaper than the flat rate boxes we used for the first year we were open.

After you order

1. "When is my order shipping?" Since we make everything from scratch when you order, our maximum shipping turnaround is 10 business days, however we typically ship every weekend. You can always email us at pwnage@geekchiccosmetics.com as well if you have any questions not covered by this page. When we ship you will be emailed tracking info!

2. You can cancel anytime before the order ships by emailing us at pwnage@geekchiccosmetics.com.

3. We don't take returns. If you don't like a product or it doesn't work out, email us so we can help. Once a sealed product leaves our hands, it is exiled from ever returning for health and sanitation reasons.

4. International orders can take a while. Anyone who has ever waited on USPS to ship to Singapore or Australia knows what we're talking about. It's not abnormal to see INTL orders get to their destinations 4-6 weeks out. All orders have a tracking number, which you get when it ships. Once an international package leaves the US, USPS stops updating the tracking and your package can sit at your country's customs office for typically 1-3 weeks (occasionally longer). We mark orders as "Cosmetics" and cannot mark them as Gift to circumvent customs as doing so is against ecommerce import policies worldwide and could harm our ability to ship to your country. We are not responsible for additional charges assessed by your local customs office. We cannot refund or accept the return of product if you choose not to pick it up from customs. For anything else, email us!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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