Traces of Thedas

Gather your party and venture forth... just make sure they like each other first. Or not.

All cosplay photography courtesy of their subjects and used with permission. These artists are all cream of the cosplay crop, and they allowed us to use their win to promote our win. Check them out! All links open in a new window.

"Swooping Is Bad" by xzodust (
"Daisy" by Kit (
"Frisky Pirate" by Allegra
"Ghost Warrior" by Aicosu (
"Orlesian Nightingale" by Xavietta (
"Storyteller" by KaileenaFarah (
"Vengeance" by Jancola (
"Prepare to be Boarded" by love-squad (
"Witch of the Wilds" by ~lightpriestess (, with photography by Sai Kit Chu (
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